Friday, October 9, 2009

DAY 282 - Don't Cry for me I'm a dead Lady

Another show! Each night before we go on stage I get to hang out with Holly Jo chillin' in her coffin. It's a really good way to get pumped up for the show! I'm actually kind of jealous of her, it looks real comfy in there. Moments after this picture was taken I'm on stage hearing the news of Evita's death and emote all over the place.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

DAY 281 - Kickin' it Old School

Amanda Kjar, a friend of mine from high school arranged a little get together for a bunch of us Viewmont High class of '95 grads... yes that's right class of 95. Sounds so wrong. I joke that I live like I'm 24, but I think I'm really starting to believe I am 24. As much as I enjoyed seeing people again, I really don't feel like I fit in with that group anymore. Not that I ever really fit in that well before, but now its even more of a divide. Amanda's house is about 2 or 3 blocks away from where she grew up, its a big "parents" type house. I can't believe friends my age live in houses like that. Wasn't just a starter home, and she has 4 kids, Heather has 4 as well. Mandi's oldest is 11!!! I felt a little out of place. But I really didn't feel bad about myself. I used to be jealous and compare myself to my friends that "had it all together." But I realized my life is going how I want it to. I liked going out and jumping in my little Acura that was surrounded by mini-vans. It was fun to tell them that I am hoping to live downtown again, or maybe Chicago, so many options for me. I know they are all happy with their lives too, we all have taken our own paths and each path is the right one for that person. Maybe I am growing up a little bit.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

DAY 269 - Argentina wasn't built in 12 hours!

Tech day = hell on earth. Today was the day that starts off "Hell Week" 12 hours of rehearsal 8am-8pm. And we pretty much used every moment. We had pictures, then a run through to set light cues which took about 5 hours, then a little lunch break... During the lunch break Holly Jo and I wanted to slip away to get a drink. We had invited our friend Sean and I made the mistake of asking really loud if he was still going to come with us. He said "no" but another random cast member overheard and invited herself. Holly Jo and I spent a 10 minute awkward car ride to Starbucks with this strange cast member I'd never really talked to before. She spout out obscenties and told awkward stories of her personal life. Holly Jo and I both sat there wide eyed looking at each other trying to hold back the laughter... Gotta love a good awkward situation.

After lunch we did another run through with both casts.... It was a freakin' long day. And the show pretty much sucks... well the leads are real good, but the rest of it, not so good.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

DAY 253 - A Fair to Remember

Nothin' like the State Fair to make pretty much everyone feel like plain white trash... That's what I like about the fair, everyone is equal. The fair proves everything can be fried, and that great works of art can be created by anyone. For example, what good Christian frat house wouldn't want a "Come Unto Me" paddle hanging on the wall?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

DAY 252 - 09/09/09 9:09

Today was Sept 9th, so 09/09/09 and at exactly 9:09 PM I was sitting at Evita rehearsal... Peter (the musical director) was probably yelling some constructive criticism such as "YOU SUCK!!!" But anyway, 09.09.09 at 9:09 looked pretty much just like everyday the past month. Seems like all I do is go to work and then to rehearsal. What I sacrifice for art.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 242 - Goodbye City Life!

Just as Sam Malone did at Cheers, and Jack, Janet and Terri did in their Santa Monica apartment, and just like Chandler and Monica did at their Greenwich Village apartment, tonight I turned out the lights on my fabulous apartment in the avenues for the last time.

It was a very emotional day, I kind of felt like it wasn't really going to happen so I didn't think to prepare. I had boxed a few things up the night before, and figured I just had the big stuff to move, I was wrong. I had so much more than I thought. Since I wasn't very organized and didn't really have a plan, I didn't want to ask for help. I moved almost everything out by myself. Brandy stopped by for a minute to help me with my bed. It took the entire day and numerous truck rides to Centerville, I was moving non-stop. Then I spent hours scrubbing and cleaning. By the time I was done I was beat and an emotional wreck. I really loved living in this area, and kind of felt a little bit like a loser for moving back in with the parents. I may have had a few break downs caused by a mixture of exhuastion and toxic fumes.

I really have loved living in the city and I loved living in the nunnery! It has been a life changing experience. You wouldn't think moving 15 minutes away from where you grew up would be that big of a deal. But there is definitely a different feel living downtown. Although Utah isn't known for its diversity, it's a little refreshing to be in the city where there's not such a concentrated group of the same type people, it interesting to meet people with different ideas and opinions. It was also so awesome to be within walking distance to really everything you would need. I know I will be back again some day, and hopefully the next time I'll be there to stay.

Friday, August 28, 2009

DAY 240 - It's the last game night, its the boom squish!

One of the first weekends I was in my apartment we had a game night, it only seemed fitting that we have a final game night before I move back to the DC (Davis County). Just like we did last year, we had some Papa Murphy's take and bake pizza and some giant drinks. It was a good time, bitter sweet. I love my little dinning room, was perfect for dinner parties and game nights.